Have you ever heard of “The Wave”? Well, my class and I went to the theatre to see a live performance of it. Carry on reading if you wish to find out more about it.

“The Wave” is a story which focuses on a teacher trying to find out why the Germans did nothing against the rise of the Nazi party. The teacher founds a group called “The Wave” which slowly turns into a fascist group that has similarities with the Nazi party. At the end the students are frightened to see that they have become the very thing they despise.

I personally liked how smooth the transition between a normal class and a fascist organization was. It shows that the actors of the theatre are talented because I, as a viewer, didn´t notice what was happening until it got extreme.

Class excursions are one of the best and must fun things one can experience. They allow students as well as teachers to have fun and to get to know each other better. Sometimes they offer the opportunity to learn new and important life skills as a group.

In conclusion I think that “The Wave” is a very good show because it shows how quickly people can be brainwashed without even noticing it.